Tips and Tricks 

This page lists some handy tips and tricks for Top of the South Maps.

For  known issues with the main application please see our issues section


1. Click Change Basemap button to get a selection of Basemaps (backgrounds) to choose from.


Click on an image to change the Basemap. The Topo map shows at small scales, zooming in will turn on the contours


2. Click Add Layers button to add Historic Aerial Photographs and Contours to the map.


3. Enable Popups on all browsers for Streetview and Printing to work.


4. Show more Info Tool Results by clicking Dropdown Arrow in Results Panel.


5. By default, the Info Tool is active, so you can click on a feature on the map and get results back about the feature.

Some other tools (for example Measure and Draw) turn the Info Tool off. To use the Info Tool again, just click the Info Tool button to turn it on.


6. Use the Draw Tool to add graphics to the map. To edit the graphics, Right click on the graphic to get editing options.


7. To Zoom In, hold down SHIFT on the keyboard and use mouse to Left Click and drag a window over the area you want to zoom to. To Zoom Out, hold down CTRL + SHIFT.


8. For Mobile > If My Location doesn’t the work first time

Turn on GPS\Location in settings on your phone first and Reload the app, then re-select the My Location button