Top of the South Maps data is available for download in a range of formats used by Esri, AutoCAD software.

Our data can also be accessed as a live webservice in mapping applications such as GIS, CAD or Google Earth.

Alternatively, you can print a map by first exporting as a PDF, JPG or PNG.

Data sets 

You can download or access the following data for the Nelson and Tasman region:

Property boundaries and addresses
Water, Wastewater and Stormwater pipes, drains and features such as manholes, plus survey points, street lights, bus routes, rubbish and recycling days
Resource Management Planning Zones, Tasman District Council Zone Notations and RMA Map Grid with links to the original RMA plans in PDF format
Walking and cycling routes, tramping and mountain biking tracks and four wheel drive roads, places of interest, The Prow stories, dog exercise areas, reserves, national parks and cemetery records
Contours with half metre interval for Nelson and urban Tasman areas, 20m interval for rural Tasman areas, in NZVD2016 Vertical Datum.
Aerial Photography
Aerial photography is available for download at a range of extents and image quality. Please refer to the metadata to learn which aerial photography best suits your requirements.

If you would like to be able to access other data in the future please let us know.

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The data is available for download in the following formats:

Map Layers as Vector format:

  • Esri shapefile .shp
  • Esri file geodatabase .gdb
  • AutoCAD DXF .dxf
  • CAD drawing file .dwg

Basemap Layers as Raster format:

  • JPG - Joint Photographics Expert Group .jpg/.jpeg
  • BMP – Bitmap image file
  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics
  • Esri file geodatabase .gdb
  • Esri GRID

The data is available as a live webservice in the following formats:

  • Esri Map Service
  • Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • KML

If you would like to access data in other formats in the future please let us know.

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All data is in terms of New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) Projection unless using a Web Map Service or KML, in these cases the default is WGS84.

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How to Download Data 

After selecting an area of interest and required datasets. Top of the South Maps will extract the data and bundle it into a zip file and prompt you to save it to your local machine. Detailed steps are below.

Please note there are file size and extent limits to downloading the data.

  1. Go to the More Tools button
  2. Click on the Data Download button
  3. Select your area of interest, either  
    • 'Current Extent' of the map, or
    • 'Draw Extent' - draw a rectangle to define your area
  4. Select the layers you wish to extract.
  5. Select the formats you require (see options above, under Formats).
  6. Click 'Extract Data'
    • NB. If the 'Extract Data' button remains greyed out, you may have missed a step above.
  7. Review and accept the data download disclaimer. Click to continue. While extracting the data - an 'extracting data' message should appear in red in the left hand panel.
  8. Message will change to 'Ready for Download'. Click Download Data button
  9. A message box will appear, 'Data is ready for download, would you like to download it now?' Click 'Yes' to continue
  10. You will be prompted to save the file to your local machine, choose 'save as' if you wish to save anywhere other than the default downloads folder on your machine.

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How to Access a Webservice 

To access our data as a webservice please add the relevant URL to your mapping application. Please note, If you add the URL to your internet browser you will receive an error, these webservices are intended for use in mapping applications only. Some data is scale dependent and you may need to zoom in to view the data.


ESRI Map Service

To access the data please copy this url into your ESRI mapping application.

Web Map Service

To access the data please copy the relevant urls into your mapping application.


Vector Map Services (Eg Property, Services, Recreation, Planning)


Base Maps (Eg Aerial, Street, Topo, Contour) 


Historic Aerials 


If your mapping application allows you to choose the image encoding format, choose JPEG for Aerial, Street or Topo. PNG for Contour.

Web Feature Service

To access the data please copy this url into your mapping application.


Follow this link to generate a .kml file

Read further instructions below.

Other info

For more info about the data please see the metadata and the legend tab in Top of the South Maps.

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How to access KML Data 

  1. Click on the generate .kml link below

  2. Select the layers you want to view. We suggest you select individual layers. If you check a group name eg services, you will get ALL the layers under that group, which will take considerable time to process.

  3. Select ‘Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images’.

  4. Click the ‘Generate KML’ button.


  6. Save the KMZ file to your PC. KMZ is a Google Earth compressed file type. You can double click the file to open in Google Earth, the file creates a live link back to the Top of the South Map Services. If the layer does not show inititally, you may be outside of scale tolerance - try zooming in a little then right click the layer and hit refresh.


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